Would you like to stop smoking and be totally free of cigarettes or vaping?

Hypnotherapy is be an effective way to take control of your habits. Putting you back in control of your mind, your body, your health… and your life.

It’s never too late to quit!

The physical and financial benefits are well documented. Physically you will feel the benefits within days and financially, you will feel the benefits straight away.

If you’re committed to being a non-smoker, I’m ready to help you to become one.

How does it work?

Smoking cessation sessions with Talking Steps Therapy take place in two 1.5 hour sessions. 

In your first session we talk all around your smoking habit – What causes you to smoke? Which cigarette you enjoy the most and which you enjoy the least… and why? How did you start smoking and most importantly, why you are ready to become a non-smoker now?

We will then work with hypnosis to prepare you for your next session.

Your second session will be a week after the first.

Before you arrive for your second session you will need to have removed all evidence of smoking from your life: cigarettes, vaping devices and fluids, ash trays, lighters, etc. Everything that you used to use to smoke must be gone! Including the safety stash in your secret ‘just in case I get stressed’ place. All of it must be removed, destroyed and disposed of. After all, a non-smoker has no need for these things anymore.

In this second session we will start by discussing what you have noticed, done and acted upon over the past week in regards to your smoking.

Following your first session I will have worked through the information discussed and created a bespoke and unique hypnosis script just for you.

We will then work in hypnosis to embed your non-smoker mindset and turn you into a non-smoker.

To start your journey into being a non-smoker. get in touch using the button below.

What does it cost?

Talking Steps Therapy smoking cessation hypnotherapy costs £350 for 2 x 1.5 hour sessions. 

If you’re thinking that seems expensive, work out how many cigarettes you smoke a day, then work out how much that costs you over a month. I’m going to guess that for a month’s worth of cigarettes, you can stop smoking forever. Saving yourself hundreds of pounds over your lifetime!

Disclaimer: Becoming a non-smoker is your choice. Not everyone who comes for smoking cessation truly wants to quit and, as such, I cannot guarantee success. Please carefully consider if you really want to become a non-smoker before booking. 

If you are not ready to quit but would like to understand why, as well as  working towards quitting, we can work together using talking therapy and hypnotherapy to establish the reasons before moving into your smoking cessation sessions. You can find my fee’s for my hourly talking therapy and hypnotherapy here.

Freedom lady who has stopped smoking