What is Proactive Therapy?

Proactive Therapy is the process of seeing a therapist when you feel okay. i.e., when you’re not in a mental health crisis.

By being proactive with your mental health, you can help to keep your mind healthy and thus reduce the likelihood of going into crisis.

Preventative therapy to reduce crisis therapy

Most people reach out to a therapist when they are in the depths of a mental health crisis. However, when you are in a mental health crisis, even the process of finding a therapist can feel like it’s too much to achieve.

If you are in crisis, you’re already on the road to recovery by reading this page. If you’re not in a crisis, or are starting to feel that things are starting to get on top of you, then…

This is where Proactive Therapy can help

By seeing a therapist around once a month, you can talk through anything that’s worrying you in a general sense.

By talking generally, together we will spot themes, stressors and pinch points in your thinking and work to iron them out before they become an issue for you.

Discussing and exploring these themes, stressors and pinch points early on in your thought process can help to stop them from overwhelming you in the future.

Once we’ve spotted a theme, stressors and pinch points, you can then decide if you want to deal with it. To do that we simply increase the number of sessions per month and then reduce those back down once you’re happy that you understand your situation better.

Why is Proactive Therapy useful?

  • You can start Proactive Therapy without being in crisis.
  • It can reduce the amount of mental health help you may need in the future.
  • It can prevent the need for crisis therapy.
  • Crisis therapy tends to revolve around a specific issue. Proactive Therapy covers all aspects of your life to spot themes, stressors and pinch points early on.

If you are in need of crisis therapy, we will work together to get you back to a good place and then can gradually transition into Proactive Therapy to help you to manage your mental health in the long-term.

If you would like to know more about how Proactive Therapy can help you, please get in touch.

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