Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk & Talk Therapy is also known as ‘Eco Therapy’ or ‘Nature Therapy’.

Research is proving that by being in nature helps to lower stress and anxiety. Simply by being in natural, green spaces, your body automatically calms itself.

Walk & Talk is a wonderful way to incorporate this automatic reaction into the therapeutic process. 

The act of walking and talking in the open air, allows for a very different therapeutic experience. Some people feel able to speak more freely about their experiences. Others feel that being in a natural environment allows them to connect in a different way with their emotions. And some simply love that fact that they have allowed themselves time to be outdoors. You will have your own unique experience during Walk & Talk Therapy and I will be there, alongside you, to help you to navigate whatever you uncover.

How and where we conduct Walk & Talk Therapy is up to you. The walks can be a gentle stroll through a park or a long hike through the wild moors or mountains. You choose how gentle or strenuous, how long or short, and how far we walk. 

It isn’t always about walking. Some sessions may involve a short stroll, then simply sitting in nature whilst we talk or do hypnosis work. I work with what you need on the day, and we adapt accordingly.

I will always discuss the plan and length of the session with you in advance as this affects the location and cost. Normally sessions run for an hour, but if requested, can run up to full day hikes.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

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Close up of boots walking down a hill. Walk and Talk Therapy