Relaxation sessions

Relaxation sessions are wonderful.

Just picture this…

An hour set aside for you to relax. No interruptions. No pressures.

An hour just for you.

When was the last time that you allowed yourself an hour to do nothing?

If you cannot remember the last time you set aside time to relax, you’re most definitely not alone. So many people are time-poor these days. It seems that we’ve forgotten how important relaxing is. This is where a relaxation sessions helps…

  • reduce stress
  • lowers blood pressure
  • move the body into a ‘rest and digest’ state helping it to restore itself
  • the mind to switch off, helping us to create space in which to think and process properly

There are many, many more advantages to relaxation, so why don’t we do it more?

Being time-poor is a major factor. Modern society has placed a value on ‘being busy’ and this busyness has created a societal projection that relaxing equal laziness.

So, does relaxing equal laziness?

Absolutely not!

By taking the time to relax you actually help yourself to stay well. Then you are able to contribute and perform better at home and at work than if you are constantly on the go. 

How can I help you relax?

Through the use of hypnosis, you will allow yourself the time and space to relax your entire body and mind. Hypnosis is safe and you are always in control, even when it takes place online. Some clients prefer to be in their own space to relax whilst others like to come to see me in my therapy room. The choice is yours.

How often should I come?

How often is entirely up to you. Most clients who come for relaxation sessions attend between once a fortnight and once a month, depending on what stressors they have in their lives.

The choice is yours. You can always come along for one session first to see if you enjoy it and then book more if you do… which I’m sure you will!

Get in touch if you would like to know more. I look forward to hearing from you.

Relaxation sessions
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